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A family company that offers only the best to its customers

First-class Lapland for you. The company's idea is based on the desire to enable wonderful experiences in Lapland for everyone.

Rovaniemi and Lapland are familiar places to the Romppanen family and relatives. The trio of brothers Joni, Topias, and Nico have enjoyed camping in the landscapes of Lapland since they were little boys. The business idea for StayLapland was born from these memorable moments: shouldn't it be worth offering premium family cottages combined with one-of-a-kind activities to others?

The trio of brothers decided to take action based on this vision.

"As a family business, We share an interest in tourism, hospitality, different cultures, and entrepreneurship, so the decision to start a joint company was ultimately easy. It's great to be able to offer both Finnish and foreign tourists experiences in the presence of the beautiful nature of Lapland and all it offers" says company CEO Joni Romppanen.

"Arctic conditions are an exotic experience for many. Lapland's magical landscapes, atmosphere, and peace are worth presenting to the world," continues Topias Romppanen.

The brothers enjoy running the company and being able to work together. They want to stand out from their competitors by investing in customer experience and hospitality for their guest.

"As local family entrepreneurs, we can provide the best possible customer experience in terms of accommodation, customer service, services, and activities. We take pride in offering a reliable and personalized service" sums up Nico Romppanen.

The Romppanen team is most fulfilled when they are able to offer tourists unforgettable experiences.

"Once, for example, the children of our beloved Mexican guests saw snow as well as the northern lights for the first time and didn't seem to want to leave the cabin at all. Such reactions warm our hearts and motivate us to grow more”

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Our Team StayLapland

Team behind StayLapland

StayLapland is a family business that is owned and run by brothers Joni, Nico, and Topias and their parents Mari and Mika

Joni Romppanen

Chief Executive Officer

Joni is a reliable, hardworking, and kind-hearted person whose professionalism you can always rely on.

Nico Romppanen

Chairman and Head of Inventory

Nico is innovative, creative, and brave by nature, so he brings plenty of new great ideas. He is always ready to help others and is used to working hard both alone and in a group.

Topias Romppanen

Chairman and Director

Topias is responsible for the company's marketing and sales. Topias is the fun-filled joker of the group and an eternal optimist who is not afraid to try new things. Topias has been playing professional ice hockey in the USA but now also takes pride in providing great hospitality for all our guests as well as the expansion of our company.

Mika Romppanen

Head of Product

Mika is a prestigious multi-talented builder and a responsible worker. In everything he does, solid experience and versatility are shown.

Mari Romppanen

Head of Customer Experience

Mari brings a sense of humor and joy to the group, but you can also find the nature of a deep and sensitive thinker in her.


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